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december, 2023

Our visit from Cat Protection 🐱

This morning we have had a lovely visit from Cat Protection. Mrs Gylee-Evans and Smudge the cat came to our class to teach us all about cats and how to look after a cat.

We found out that 9 children in our class have cats at home 🐱. Mrs Glyee-Evans read the story β€˜Lulu gets a cat!’. We helped to make a cats face on the whiteboard and we added eyes, a nose, a mouth, ears and whiskers.

We found out that cats drink water and that milk can hurt their tummies. We learned that cats love to explore, hide and climb – it helps them to feel safe!

We looked at a shopping list and learned about all the things a cat needs. Including a litter tray, toys, water, a bowl, a bed and a scratching post. Cats don’t like baths!

We really enjoyed our visit from cat protection 🐱