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may, 2023

What a fun week!

This week in Willow Class, we had great fun making toothpaste. We know the Ancient Egyptians around 5000BC created what is believed to be the very first toothpaste that wasn’t a paste but actually a powder. The ‘tooth-powder’ was made from crushed rock salt, mint, pepper, and dried iris flowers. The toothpaste we made, used baking soda and salt for abrasives, glycerine to form a paste and mint for flavour. Although it made toothpaste, without fluoride we know it wouldn’t be as effective, and the taste was not very nice due to the salt content but it would still work and clean your teeth!

We also set up an investigation that looked at the different effects of liquids on our teeth. We now know orange juice can be quite harmful to the enamel due to the acid content, so brushing your teeth regularly will keep them healthy.