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Victoria Road,

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01928 574644

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september, 2023

Vision and Values

Our Mission Statement

At Victoria Road Primary School, we want to ensure our children are happy, caring and respectful members of the community. We want to foster a lifelong love of learning and encourage each and every child to reach for the stars.


Our School Values and Ethos

At Victoria Road Primary School our core value is based on ‘CARE’ 

Care, Achieve, Respect & Enjoy.

Care: being responsible for your thoughts, words and actions, care about each other. 

Achieve: persevere and develop resilience in order to be successful and reach for the stars. Respect: act in a way that shows you care about the feelings and well-being of everybody and everything.  

Enjoy: to make the most of every situation and develop a love of learning.

Our School Aims 


  • To provide a welcoming atmosphere which creates a sense of belonging for children, their families and our staff.

  • To provide a nurturing environment where learning is effectively implemented

  • To enable every child to reach their full potential.

  • To develop a passion for lifelong learning and children who are fully prepared for the future in today’s society.

  • To develop good self-esteem so pupils feel safe, secure and respected.

  • To foster trust and respect within the school and the wider community.

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